Did you know that pink is a colour loved by all ages and sexes? Pink is a loving and warm colour. Not as bland and as cold as white or as vibrant as yellow or orange. But pink is a fantastic color that speaks volumes and has been loved by people throughout the ages as far back as the stone age times.

They no doubt had Pink Butterflies back then as they do today. But we now have some pink HD butterfly desktop PC wallpapers and room wallpaper patterns, ideas and designs to browse through. These pink wallpapers look amazing on your PC or laptops desktop as the background or even screensaver. If you love your amazing detail, high definition wallpapers of nature and life in the form of a beautiful butterfly wallpaper then you will find them here.

Likewise, we also have pink butterfly wallpaper patterns or butterfly wallpaper designs and ideas you can look through and print off as ideas for a wallpaper design or pattern for a room you are decorating. Some of these are specially for bedroom wallpaper but you should find mixed lots for both kinds also.

These beautiful pink HD desktop wallpapers and background will surely brighten up your day, PC or bedroom.
Check out this heart shaped wallpaper with butterflies within it.
Big Butterfly Heart PC Wallpaper
And this pink roses and purple and pink butterflies.
Pink rose butterfly hd
Here is an example of a pink background with simple silver gradient butterflies embossed on it.
Pink and Silver Butterfly Wallpaper Pattern
And another butterfly wallpaper floral pattern wallpaper.

We will be adding more of these over the next week or so. You can download them to your PC with sizes available for most monitors and even mobile and tablet devices.

Enjoy! :)

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